Greg Micek
May 7, 2021
How Business Process Automation Can Save Your Business Money

Business process automation is becoming more and more popular among businesses of all sizes. From mom-and-pop shops to large enterprise corporations, business owners everywhere are starting to save money with business process automation. Due to the benefits, it is no surprise that the use of automation software is growing exponentially.

What is Business Process Automation? (BPA)

Business process automation is the process of automating business tasks that normally are done manually by an employee. BPA is growing in popularity due to its ability to cut business costs tremendously.

How are Businesses Saving Money with Business Process Automation?

There are many cost-saving benefits of implementing BPA. If I named them all, we could be here all day. Here are a few of the main ones.

Tasks are Completed Faster

Firstly, It is no question that computers can preform tasks much faster than humans. This is especially true when it comes to tasks that require a lot of manual data entry. Employees who are given the responsibility to complete certain manual back-office tasks such as data entry are required to read data, switch applications, and enter the data. Implementing BPA allows these tasks to be completed instantaneously. Let us say you are paying an office employee 15 dollars per hour to send invoices throughout the day, while working about 260 days per year. If the average workday is 8 hours, this employee is getting paid $31,200 per year. For the 8 hours it takes this employee to send out their daily invoices, automation software can send all of them out instantly. Tasks are getting done faster, and you can save $31,200 at the same time.

Hire Fewer Workers

Another benefit of using business process automation is not having to hire as many workers. All kinds of tasks can be automated with software, including but not limited to the following:

  • Invoicing
  • Data entry
  • Document signing
  • Sales processes
  • Much more

Usually, you will need someone specialized for each of these jobs. With business process automation, you no longer must pay salary to all these people, because it can be fully automated for you.

Get More Done with Fewer Resources

Have you ever heard the saying less is more? Well, when it comes to using automation software, less CREATES more. Since BPA is computer software on the cloud, you no longer need to spend money on resources such as paper, employees, or all kinds of computer to store data. With BPA, you can get more done with less resources.

How to Take Advantage of Business Process Automation

To get started automating your business, you will need to setup a system yourself, hire a developer, or find a reputable company that specializes in business automation. Octaria Software specializes in this among other things.

  • Project Management Integrations
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Invoice Automation
  • Custom Software Automation
  • CRM Integration

These are just a few examples of how Octaria Software can help you with your automations needs.

Does Saving Money Sound Good to You?

As you can see, business process automation saves businesses all kinds of money. The use of BPA is rising exponentially due to the cost-efficient benefits, among other things (you can read about the other benefits here). Although there are numerous benefits to BPA, it is up to you to decide if it is right for your business. If lower business costs sounds good to you, maybe it’s time to give business process automation a try!

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