Greg Micek
May 12, 2021
Software Integration – How to Streamline the Sales and Accounting Process

Have you ever wondered about software integration for your business? Or even wondered how to streamline the sales and accounting process? There must be an easier way to streamline sales and accounting. Through the power of a CRM and QuickBooks software integration, it is possible to keep up with your clients/customers and their invoicing without a bunch of extra copy and paste work.

If you do not have any experience with software integration solutions, a CRM (HubSpot or Salesforce) and QuickBooks software integration may sound a bit confusing. In this article, I will do my best to show you that it is a lot less complicated than it sounds and can be very beneficial.

What is CRM and QuickBooks Software Integration?

Software integration with a CRM and QuickBooks is the automating and integrating of the sales and accounting teams. In the normal process, sales generally will submit a quote or an estimate from their CRM (HubSpot or Salesforce).

Following this, the accounting team must copy it by hand into an accounting software such as QuickBooks. Businesses that take advantage of a CRM and QuickBooks software integration can automate and synchronize products and SKUs between HubSpot/Salesforce and QuickBooks.

What are the Benefits of CRM and QuickBooks Software Integration?

There are many benefits that come with integrating your CRM and accounting software. Here are a few benefits that come with these types of integrations.

  • Prevents inconsistencies between quotes and invoices
  • Prevent a backlog of invoices to send out
  • Can automate the process of sending complicated invoices
  • Save precious time by automating your invoicing

Why You Should Take Advantage of CRM and QuickBooks Software Integrations

Taking advantage of sales and accounting integrations can give you a greater advantage over your competitors and optimize your business performance. Instead of copying and pasting orders and transactions from your CRM and QuickBooks, this whole process is completely automated.

If you must wait on your accounting team to send the invoice, you will no longer have to do this. The reason behind this is because you do not have to hand create every invoice from a quote or estimate; you can simply click the “send invoice” button for all your invoices, including complicated ones.

Is CRM and QuickBooks Software Integrations Right for Your Business?

If your business uses a CRM system such as HubSpot or Salesforce along with an accounting software such as QuickBooks, then this type of software integration is right for your business. Integrating your sales and accounting software makes you more efficient, saves you time, prevents you from having to manually send out complicated invoices, and allows you to send invoices with the click of a button. If any of these benefits sound like they would help your business, I would highly recommend you take advantage of it.

How to Get Started with CRM and QuickBooks Software Integrations

After hearing all the good things about the integration of sales and accounting, you are probably wondering how can I get started? To get started, I would recommend setting up a 100% free consultation with Octaria Software. You can click here to set up your free consultation and you will be able to speak with a specialist about your business’s needs. After this consultation, a software specialist will come up with a solution that is right for you.

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