Greg Micek
May 27, 2021
Top Five Custom Applications CEOs Use to Automate Operations in 2021

The use of custom applications in businesses has grown tremendously over the past year. With the economy opening back up, keeping up with business operations is getting more and more difficult. Moreover, many businesses have adapted to working with their customers and employees virtually. This has given many businesses a leg up when it comes to running a successful business. Custom applications have given CEOs and business owners the edge they need to keep up with business operations and adapt to working virtually.

Why Do Businesses Need Custom Applications?

You may be wondering, “why do businesses need custom applications?” With the number of businesses using custom applications today, there must be a good reason behind it. Here are a few reasons business owners and CEOs are using them in their businesses:

  • Out-of-the-box solutions sometimes don’t quite fit and can cause employees difficulty in the long run
  • Productivity improvement
  • Allows for automation of  repetitive manual tasks
  • Instantaneous efficiency

The Top 5 Custom Applications for Businesses

Now that you have some information about custom applications, here are the top 5 custom applications that CEOs and business owners are using today.

1 – HubSpot and QuickBooks Integrations

If you are involved in business operations, you have most likely used QuickBooks and HubSpot. These 2 applications provide completely different solutions, but they still go hand in hand. Integrating these two software solutions allow you to keep track of your customers AND invoices/accounting in one spot. No more having to go back and forth between the two, because HubSpot & QuickBooks Integrations can do all of this for you!

2 – Partner Portal Applications

Partner portal applications are one of the top custom applications that are being used in 2021. Keeping good communications with your partners, vendors, distributors, etc. is very important. Partner portal applications allow you to have instantaneous contact with your business partners. Creating service orders, automating invoices, and scheduling deliveries/pickups are a few common features included in these applications. However, whatever other features you need can be included in these applications as well. You can also integrate these custom applications with HubSpot and QuickBooks.

3 – Project Management Applications

Keeping up with projects can be a pain. Different projects have different requirements, making it super tedious to keep up with multiple at once. These are a few reasons why custom project management applications are on the rise. Different industries/companies have different project management needs, which is why many have turned to custom project management applications.

4 – Client Project Tracking Portal

Making sure you and your clients are updated on their current projects is very important. Back and forth emailing can take a lot of time, and delegating time for a meeting can be tough for both parties. Due to these issues, business owners have started implementing client project tracking portals into their business flow. This gives clients a spot to be able to check the status of their current project, provide feedback, and stay up to date with what they are spending money on.

5 – Chrome & Firefox Extensions

The internet browser is a powerful tool that businesses use every day. Many of the tasks that are done in the web browser include a lot of data entry/copy and paste work. Chrome and Firefox extensions allow you many of your daily internet tasks to be automated. This can save your business time, money, and effort!

How to Start Building Custom Applications for Your Business

Whether you are tech savvy or not, developing a full-stack application may not be in your arsenal or might be too time consuming. Whatever the case may be, Octaria Software can help. Octaria provides free consultations to listen and understand your business processes and problems. From there, we design, develop, and deliver custom applications that will help automate your business processes. To get your custom application underway, click here to get started.

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