Fractional Product Management

Low costs, high results

Octaria Fractional Product Managers deliver crucial alignment and strategic vision between business, UX/UI, and engineering teams.

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Our results in numbers


Software Products Scaled

Octaria has built, launched, and scaled over 50 software applications.


Years of Experience

Our 12 person team has combined 75 years of experience across startups.


VC Raised for Customers

We have partnered with our clients to raise $2M in venture capital.


Working with other teams:

Specialized Product Management

At Octaria, we excel in offering specialized Product Management services for software development projects. Our Product Managers integrate innovative strategies with technical expertise, steering your software products towards market success and business growth.

Showcasing Octaria's specialized Product Management services in action for market success.

What are the responsibilities of a PM?

  • Align your business with market and audience insights
  • Optimize your product's life cycle from start to finish
  • Prioritize for the best development outcomes
  • Streamline collaboration for smooth product creation
  • Align team efforts with the overarching project vision
  • Match technical strategy with business demands

Fractional vs Part-time

Although 'fractional' and 'part-time' Product Manager roles may appear similar, they serve unique functions within a company. Fractional Product Managers focus on particular aspects of product development, offering specialized expertise and guidance. In contrast, part-time Product Managers oversee the complete product lifecycle, but on a part-time basis, ensuring holistic management with adaptable involvement.


What are the benefits of PM?

Part-time and fractional product managers infuse strategic insight and strong leadership into your product development process. Opting for a part-time or fractional PM not only significantly cuts costs but also introduces fresh, innovative perspectives essential for dynamic product evolution. These managers play a crucial role in establishing and articulating a clear, focused vision for the product, ensuring that all team members are aligned with these goals. Moreover, they are instrumental in designing, creating, and continuously updating product roadmaps, which serve as vital guides for the product's journey. This approach ensures that your product development is both cost-efficient and aligned with the latest market trends, customer needs, and technological advancements.

Comparative illustration of Fractional and Part-Time Product Manager roles at Octaria.
Visual representation of the benefits offered by Octaria's Fractional and Part-Time Product Managers.

Why should I hire a PM?

When aiming to harmonize your product with audience preferences and business objectives, a product manager is key in establishing and sustaining this alignment. They serve as the essential link, effectively communicating customer requirements to both development and product teams. This ensures a cohesive approach where all team members are working in sync, guided by a shared understanding of customer expectations. Product managers excel in translating these insights into actionable strategies, ensuring that the product development process is not only customer-centric but also aligns seamlessly with your overall business vision. Their role in bridging customer needs with team capabilities is pivotal in creating products that resonate well with the target audience while fulfilling business goals.

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