Technology Audit and Review Package

Ever wonder if your engineering team is following best practices? Want to know if there are ways to improve your code quality, security, and ensure your software is compliant with copyrights? Octaria Software Development is a software engineering and consulting firm that works primarily with entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, and Octaria is offering to provide a technology review and/or audit. This package includes but is not limited to reviewing: software architecture and technology choices, code quality, QA automation techniques, security, code legal concepts (e.g., copyright infringement), and more

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A Comprehensive Package at a Flat Rate.

Detailed overview of Octaria's security audit as part of the Technology Audit and Review Package.
Security Audit
Keeping your data safe and secure is crucial. Our team will ensure you are following the best security practices.
Image emphasizing the importance of Octaria's open source copyright compliance audit in the package.
Open Source Copyright Compliance Audit
When developing applications, it is important to comply with copyright laws. After our audit, you can feel safe to know that you are abiding by open source copyright laws.
Visual representation of the Dev Management Strategy Review included in Octaria's package.
Dev Management Strategy Review
Managing a development team/project can be tricky. Learn the best strategies for your dev management.
Illustration of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery review by Octaria.
CI/CD Review
Continuous integration and deployment/delivery reviews will ensure you are following best practices.
Graphic detailing Octaria's approach to Issue Tracking Strategy Review in their audit package.
Issue Tracking Strategy Review
Jira Strategy and Github Issues strategy by experienced professionals.
Image outlining the Support Strategy Review, part of Octaria's comprehensive audit services.
Support Strategy Review
Support case intake and support escalation to engineering. Technologies: Intercom, Jira Service Desk, and Hubspot Ticketing.
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